Bambu Lab x E3D: Our First Step to Embrace the Aftermarket

Bambu Lab x E3D: Our First Step to Embrace the Aftermarket

We are excited to announce our very first ecosystem collaboration project, a state-of-the-art high-flow hotend by E3D—the legendary hot end supplier who nourished a whole generation of desktop FDM printers.

Bambu Lab and E3D share the vision of future manufacturing. Today, we condense this vision into a jointly developed product. The E3D high-flow replacement hotend can provide 60% more flow rate, features the signature ObXidian™ hardened nozzle, and E3DLC™ coating for excellent durability. The new hotend is the result of seamless cooperation between E3D and Bambu Lab. Both teams shared precious know-how on the hotend, the printer, and the thermal process of the materials. The end product is thoroughly tested by both teams and will be officially integrated into all the software ecosystems of Bambu Lab.

E3D Obxidian hotend for Bambu Lab X1/P1 Series

Bambu Lab is open to collaboration with responsible partners. We understand that the strength of a single company is limited, and partners with innovation and quality products will enhance the ecosystem and fulfill our customers' various demands, which cannot be addressed by Bambu Lab alone.

Bambu Lab will charge a certain amount of license fee for the hotend. We highly appreciate E3D's respect for our design, our hard work, and IP. We will give all this license income back to the community. Half of the license fee will be donated to the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation to show our respect for his contribution to the community and industry. The other half of the fee will go to a foundation that supports emerging 3D printing talents from developing countries, such as model designers and local small businesses. This foundation is still in the planning phase, and we will release more information once it is operational.

Sanjay Mortimer Foundation

When we launched our Kickstarter campaign, concerns were raised from the community that the proprietary design may limit the customers' choice on aftermarket components; patents may block future innovation and what Bambu Lab will give back to the community after taking so much from it. Actions speak louder than words.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Bambu Lab’s journey towards a thriving and innovative ecosystem. We are committed to continuous improvement and are excited about the positive changes this partnership will bring to the 3D printing community and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead, shaping the future of 3D printing together.

For more information on the hotend, please visit this product page.