Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

This is the third iteration of my article. Reflecting on my first two attempts last night, I admit my mindset wasn't ideal. While I strive to stay calm, professional, and diplomatic as a representative of Bambu Lab, at times, my emotions have prevailed, particularly when agitated.

Recently, a video was circulated claiming the decryption of a Bambu Lab printer's log file, leading to several serious allegations against Bambu Lab, which stirred the community. These allegations include:

  1. Bambu Lab's firmware being a theft of open-source software.
  2. The LAN mode being a facade, with logs secretly transferred to the cloud.
  3. The log files containing intellectual property, such as 3MF files.

In the spirit of professionalism, I have revised this article to address these claims constructively and politely. It's crucial to distinguish between unintentional mistakes and deliberate misconduct. Accidentally having a log file decrypted by hackers falls into the former category, while the accused actions are in the latter. We acknowledge our human capacity for error, but we firmly believe that we have never engaged in deliberate wrongdoing. Here's my straightforward clarification:

  1. Bambu Lab Firmware: Our firmware is an in-house development, and we strictly comply with all licensing requirements for code usage. For clear, verifiable details, please refer to Open Source Software Wiki .
  2. Log File Access: We can only access your log files when you, the customer, explicitly and manually upload them to us for troubleshooting, whether in LAN or cloud mode. Our process ensures that this action is entirely customer-initiated.
  3. Content of Log Files: The log files record machine commands and sensor readings, as they are meant to. They do not contain your 3MF or STL files.

Questioning, skepticism, and concern are valid and necessary. We welcome and have responded to inquiries about open source, security, and privacy, whether made publicly or in private. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is well acknowledged within our community. You can find all the communication mailboxes at the end of this article.

However, asserting allegations with a strong sense of certainty is different—it involves dealing with facts, not just possibilities or theories. A cornerstone of modern society is the "presumption of innocence." I urge the accuser to present solid evidence supporting their claims to the public. According to the video, he possesses all the necessary proof.

Should the presented evidence substantiate the allegations, we are fully prepared to take responsibility. Conversely, if the allegations are proven unfounded, we believe a public apology is in order. We stand ready to defend our reputation against libel and false accusations using all available means.

Official Mailboxes for Various Inquiries:

Reflecting on the initial two drafts of this article, I find my emotions a blend of wistfulness and amusement. They were more personal, more raw - imbued with a humanity that this current version perhaps lacks. However, they don't quite align with the temperament of the internet in 2023. Let's consider them as pieces for a later time, perhaps many years down the line, when concerns about perceptions and repercussions have faded into irrelevance.