Introducing Our CPO: Spaghetti, the Cat!

Introducing Our CPO: Spaghetti, the Cat!

We at Bambu Lab are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team – a charming, two-month-old tabby cat named Spaghetti. Today marks not just the beginning of her journey with us, but also the inauguration of a unique position: Chief Patrol Officer (CPO).

Spaghetti's journey to Bambu Lab began in the park just below our company building. We believe she was born there, as her meows became a familiar sound to us, echoing in the mornings and evenings as we commuted. Remarkably, Spaghetti showed no fear of humans. A simple crouch and a gentle call of "meow" would draw her close. This tiny creature, seemingly without a mother, learned to seek comfort and sustenance from passersby, endearing herself to everyone she met.

Over time, Spaghetti became a familiar sight in the park. Our colleagues often shared pictures of her in our group chats, and many of us would feed her during our walks. Despite the affection and attention she received, Spaghetti had no home to call her own, and the park clearly did not provide sufficient resources for a two-month-old cub. Spaghetti was often seen in a hungry and desperate state. Things would get much worse during the coming Spring Festival, as everyone would leave for a week-long vacation, leaving Spaghetti helpless in the winter. Spaghetti's fate took a turn when we, after intensive discussion, decided to enroll her into the company as an official employee.

On a quiet weekend, our colleague offered Spaghetti a cat treat. With a single brave step, she followed him home, marking the beginning of her new life. A thorough check-up revealed that, apart from a small scar indicating past hardship, Spaghetti was a healthy and resilient two-month-old kitten, free of any diseases.

As she stepped into our world of steel and circuitry, Spaghetti was met with an outpouring of affection. Her presence, though diminutive in size, created ripples of excitement throughout our cybernetic oasis. Spaghetti has her own staff number, highest security clearance in the entire company, an X account, and receives a monthly salary and welfare, more than enough to cover her cat food and then some. In a place where technology reigns supreme, her playful innocence and natural charm offered a refreshing contrast, reminding us of the life's simplicity.

She embodies the spirit of Bambu Lab – curious, resilient, and full of life. Stay tuned for updates from Spaghetti herself! She promises to share tales of her adventures and insights from her unique vantage point within Bambu Lab via Twitter/X. And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for her to chase yarn balls and bring a smile to everyone's face.

Welcome to the future, Spaghetti. You’re home now.