Customer Support Update

Customer Support Update

Considering the recent circumstances, we believe it is important to share with our users the current status of our customer support. It is our responsibility to inform our valued users of the challenges we are facing. More importantly, we are committed to being as transparent as possible, which is why we have this blog.

Recent Service Status

In recent weeks, due to the impact of the A1 recall incident and the backlog of tickets caused by staffing shortages during the Chinese New Year holiday, the current service response time has indeed been slower, especially for technical tickets. During the most challenging period, some users even waited more than a week. We are very sorry for any impact this may have had on you, and we are certainly using all possible means and mobilizing all possible resources to address your needs as quickly as possible.

The current expectation is, as mentioned in the previous blog, that we hope to process all A1 return and refund requests by the end of March and begin sending new heatbed components to users who choose to replace their heatbeds, assuming everything goes smoothly. Our expectation is to accelerate the response time for technical tickets to within 3 working days, and of course, we will do our utmost to achieve even quicker turnaround times. Please rest assured that we will make every effort to efficiently resolve your issues.

Following up on the previous text, here we'll expand on some details, which might give you a better understanding of the current situation (you can also skip this part).

About the A1 Recall

Most of the global end users have already contacted us. We appreciate everyone's support and cooperation, and we remind A1 users who haven't contacted us yet to do so as soon as possible, either directly or through official resellers, so we can assist you with the next steps promptly.

For users who opted for a return and refund: We have issued shipping labels to most of these users. However, more than half of these cases are still in the return process. Please note that we will strictly follow the serial process of: sending the label and instructions → waiting for the user to ship and tracking the return → checking the returned items → processing the refund and issuing a discount code. The whole process will take about 15 working days, but delays may occur due to special circumstances at any stage. We deeply apologize for this. If you have received a shipping label, please send your printer back as soon as possible to expedite the process.

For users who have chosen to replace their heatbed: Although we have confirmed the improvement solution through extensive testing, to ensure your usage experience is flawless, we are still conducting final durability tests. We will begin producing new heatbed components in the next two weeks.

This upgrade includes optimized SR material and shape, which reduces the stress on the root of the wire. Additionally, the new wire core has lower fatigue stress under the same bending radius compared to the original version, and its overall tensile resistance has also been enhanced.

We aim to air ship the first batch of new heatbed components by the end of March. If you have already submitted a recall form, please be patient; we will proactively contact you through your original ticket registration once the spare parts are ready, and you will receive a notification in the ticket record.

About Regular Technical Tickets

For techical tickets, our current aim is to reach a 3 business day reply time while we further scale up, with the future target being under 24 hours. Providing detailed information and selecting the correct issue type significantly speed up the process of identifying and resolving your concern promptly, as we have different agents in different teams working to help you resume enjoying your 3D printer.

To add additional information to a ticket you have already submitted, simply add a description to the original ticket, and we will respond as soon as possible after receiving it. Kindly refrain from opening duplicate tickets for the same issue, as this can introduce additional delays in addressing your problem.

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How to Seek Help and How You Can Help Us

We fully understand that the current service status is not satisfactory for our users, and frankly, it does not meet our own standards either. However, we have been contemplating how we can enhance the service experience to match the rapid growth in user base and service demands. We have made some attempts and would like to share them with you here.

Wiki Contributions

We recognize the importance of technical guides and knowledge sharing to our users. We are actively working on building a knowledge content ecosystem. Comments have been enabled on our Wiki platform, allowing you to provide feedback or suggestions for specific articles. You are also welcome to share what kind of content you would like to see featured. We regularly review your feedback to optimize the structure and enrich the content of the Wiki.

More importantly, we aim to create an ecosystem for content creation, inviting and encouraging more users to contribute to this knowledge-sharing platform.
A dedicated section has been set up on our Official Forum for sharing your original articles. Most useful articles will be featured on our Official Wiki in the Community Contributions section.

Additionally, we are working towards integrating the Wiki with the Bambu Lab account system. Our goal is to provide a more convenient platform and a fair reward mechanism for users contributing to knowledge content creation.

Live Chat Support for General Inquiries

We have launched Live Chat Support for General Inquiries!

On this page, you can click on the right sidebar to select a category of questions, and find the live chat portal, which also presets some common consultation questions for you to blur search or click to see.

We believe that basic inquiries regarding product information, orders, logistics, and similar topics are best handled through live chat support. This approach will significantly reduce delays in ticket interactions and provide you with the fastest possible solutions.

It is important to note that due to the complexity of technical issues, technical support still requires ticket submission. The ticket will collect all necessary attachments to help the technical support system analyze your problem effectively.

Live Chat Support

Join Us

We have been consistently recruiting new members for our customer support team since 2023 and we continue to actively search qualified individuals to join our expanding global customer support team. If you are interested in joining Bambu Lab as a Customer Support agent, please don't hesitate to apply for the job.

Finding the right talent and training new colleagues takes time, but we are commited to do it and further improve services.

Customer satisfaction has always been our utmost pursuit, and we thank you for your support and understanding throughout this challenging period. We look forward to sharing some good news with you in our next Customer Support Update.