New Launch of MakerLab Experiments

New Launch of MakerLab Experiments
New Launch of MakerLab Experiments

Since we launched MakerWorld last year, we have received a wealth of high-quality, diverse models. We also felt the strong desire, especially from users who are not proficient in CAD, to create their own models. Thus, we introduced MakerLab to empower every user to craft their own unique models.

MakerLab currently features "Make My Sign," "Make My Vase," and "Pixel Puzzle Maker." These tools allow for the personalization and customization of 3D printed models to suit individual preferences. They are beginner-friendly, enabling even those new to 3D printing to create unique items. Users can craft items tailored to their tastes, such as custom nameplates for their pets, pixel-style artwork for their walls, or vases that reflect their personal style. Completing these print projects not only results in distinctive creations but also provides a personalized experience.

Besides the released tools mentioned above, there are many new tools and ideas in the R&D pipeline of Maker World. Some are nearly finished, while others are not far removed from the brainstorming phase. Instead of attempting to iterate and perfect them behind closed doors before release, we believe that exploring the potential of Experiments with users at this stage is a meaningful endeavor.

NEW Section - MakerLab Experiments

MakerLab Experiments is a collection of prototypes of modeling tools. Although not yet perfect or complete, and possibly not meeting all user needs at the moment, we are awaiting user feedback to guide our development. Some of these prototypes will eventually complete their R&D journey and evolve into products for official release, while others may never leave the "experiment" phase.

You can start experimenting with it at this stage and brainstorm with us, sharing what excites you, what disappoints you, and where we could improve. Our research and development team will take your feedback into account to continuously optimize these tools and their development priorities.

MakerLab Experiments

Only two tools are currently available: the 3D to Relief Sculpture and AI Scanner. Although still in their early stages, both of them are quite innovative and interesting. The Scanner also incorporates the currently popular AI generation technology.

3D to Relief Sculpture and AI Scanner

3D to Relief Sculpture is a tool we came up with through contrarian thinking, allowing you to compose unique relief art from your favorite 3D models. Simply import one or several models you like, choose the desired perspective, fine-tune parameters, and frame your shot. After framing the perspective of your selected model, the algorithm will automatically calculate the depth of the model from that perspective to generate relief art.

Its overall effect is such that even models of different styles paired together do not seem out of place; they always blend well within the same low relief. We now support imported model formats including both .stl and .obj.

3D to Relief Sculpture

AI Scanner enables you to capture a video orbiting around an object or a person to generate digital replicas ready for 3D printing. By taking a simple video of a static object and applying basic 3D reconstruction, we can more fully restore the appearance of the object, effectively creating a clone of real-world items.

It can scan both common objects and human portraits; just select the appropriate generation mode. If environmental interference during filming causes the software to incorrectly recognize the subject, manually selecting the subject is also an option.

Given server availability, AI scan model generation typically takes approximately 30 minutes. However, during peak times when demand is high, please be aware that this duration may extend slightly. There's no need to worry about losing progress on your generation; you can leave the generation page at any time and return later to check on the progress.


AI Scanner

Use It Now

Great ideas often start from a very inelegant prototype, and once it is printed out, we can even touch its greatness. We will continue to update and invite our enthusiastic users to play around with the immature prototype, witnessing the long journey from a brainstormed idea to a polished product.
Experience it and have fun!