P1P Firmware And Customer Support Update

P1P Firmware And Customer Support Update

New P1P Firmware hotfix and BambuStudio release

A hotfix for the P1P firmware along with BambuStudio v1.4.2 has been released. We’d like to thank everyone for their valued feedback in helping us improve the firmware. Some of the features you can expect with this firmware release include manual extrusion compensation which can be easily calibrated through BambuStudio, manual access code for wireless LAN, improved thermal runaway protection, and much more. For all the list of changes in the latest firmware, please see the release notes on our wiki.

Customer Support

We have received several complaints and suggestions related to our customer support service, which has been extremely valuable to us in understanding how to improve, so we will be acting upon them accordingly. We will be implementing a short-term and a long-term plan in order to improve the customer support experience. In the meantime, we have prepared a few guidelines for those needing to contact customer support, which will considerably improve the response and resolution times:

Always use the right channel to contact customer support. In order for us to always be able to respond in a timely manner, it is important to use the ticketing system. General Inquiries and Technical Support tickets are handled by two separate teams, so it is important to make sure that tickets are raised through the correct department. General Inquiries relate to issues involving sales, logistics etc, while Technical Support queries relate to all technical issues with machinery. External email addresses such as those for sales, contact etc might not always make their way to our customer support inboxes, and therefore may end up delayed

Categorizing the ticket with the right issue will facilitate the response process even further as this will allow our customer support agents to quickly assess visually the topic and allocate the right resources to it more efficiently. We will be updating and refining our list of categories in order to be able to further facilitate this.

Always use the same email address for your queries. This allows us to quickly identify past communication and will help us assist you more efficiently

Sending multiple tickets related to the same issue will only prolong the resolution process as these tickets will create a bigger backlog and also need to be associated with each other. Since multiple agents handle tickets, this may create an instance where separate agents are handling separate tickets incoming from the same customer related to the same issue.

Include as much information as possible in the ticket. Including log files, photos, videos and detailed explanations of your issue will quicken the resolution process. With as much information as possible included, agents may be able to recognize, troubleshoot and deal with the ticket quicker as it avoids the need to escalate to our R&D department.

We understand that sometimes uploading or attaching files to tickets may be unsuccessful due to some bugs. We apologize for this. We are also working on improving the reliability of our CRM system through the API and also improving the efficiency in which customers contact us.

With the Lunar New Year holidays upon us (21st to 27th January), it does unfortunately mean that for the next couple of weeks we will have limited coverage for our technical, R&D and our logistics department, so we would like to apologize in advance if queries related to these departments take longer than expected to resolve. Our customer support staff will be doing their utmost to assist you in their absence.

Finally, part of our long-term plan is to expand our remote global customer support team, so if you have sound knowledge of 3d printing, have an aptitude to help others and would like to join one of the fastest growing 3d printing companies around, please get in touch with us by sending an email to hr@bambulab.com (You can find the open positions here)