P1P preorders opening on Black Friday

We have been very happy with all the feedback shared with us throughout all this week about our upcoming new printer, the P1P 3D printer. We are now convinced that this new addition to our range of 3D printers will enable us to make more makers' dreams come true.

For this new printer, we didn't take the Kickstarter path. In fact, as soon as our factory has produced enough X1 printers to fulfill every preorder, we immediately began to produce P1P. As I write this post, we have a few thousands P1P already manufactured and shipped out.

While these P1P travel toward our regional warehouses, we will open preorders for them, with a slightly different rule compared to X1 preorder campaign:

  1. In order to give a solid ETA to our customer, the preorder will be limited to the exact volume of printers shipped out from Shenzhen. Once they're sold, P1P will appear as out-of-stock until next batch is shipped out.
  2. The wait will be significantly shorter this time, because the printer you'll preorder has already started its travel to you.
  3. As your preorder will be placed on an already produced and shipped product, we will ask for the full price upfront. But you can cancel your preorder with full refund at any time before the printer is shipped to you from the local warehouse.

With these measures, we hope to avoid most of the disappointments caused by uncertain delivery time. According to our estimations, P1P delivery should start in early January 2023.

We know that in today's world, waiting about 2 months with little information to get a product you have paid is not usual, and means a great trust on a startup. As a young and still small company, preorders help us ramp up our factory and finance stocks until we reach our cruise speed. So, to thank you for your support, three gifts will come with this first batch of P1P :

  • An auxiliary part cooling fan
  • A low rate 1280x720 monitoring chamber camera
  • LED light to illuminate the chamber

Preorders for the P1P will open on Black Friday, Nov. 25th 12:00AM EST. If you intend to preorder a P1P, be sure to sign up now, and you'll receive an email once the sales are open.

And if you really want to be sure you will get the information on time, you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or meet us on our official forum or Discord server.

Thank you for your continuous support.