Pre-order Launch Date Released!

We are excited to announce that we will be launching pre-sales for Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo on Aug 10th in AU store. Other stores will soon (estimatedly 1-3 days) be open after we ensure that the process works in one region. Here is some important information for you to read before placing a pre-order:

Why a pre-order campaign now?
In the past month, we have wrapped our Kickstarter campaign for the Bambu Lab X1 Series, which has been hugely successful. We rolled up our sleeves to quickly fulfill our Kickstarter promises. Right now, we are 100% focused on delivering the Kickstarter pledges and tweaking the firmware and Bambu Studio to provide our users a smooth experience when they receive their printers. We are also receiving many messages from 3D printing enthusiasts who didn't have a chance to participate in Kickstarter but still would like to buy a Bambu Lab printer. As we are foreseeing the completion of Kickstarter pledges production, the next step in supplying printers to our customers and thanking them for their interest in our products, is to open pre-orders for the next batch of production.

Opening Bambu Lab Store for Pre-Orders
This is a unique time to release a new product with all the logistic challenges facing companies everywhere. Admittedly, there is still a gap between the significant market demand and our production capacity. We are increasing our production capacity as quickly as possible.Pre-orders allow us to prioritize our product manufacturing to correctly provide the printer version in the proper quantity to meet the next wave of customer demand, thus fulfilling the pre-orders. Still, these units must bear the long logistics needed to reach your local warehouse. We will send batches of printers through sea transport to keep our prices low. As we have experienced, this takes 4 to 8 weeks currently, and shipping from wharehouses commences after receiving product from overseas, and may take an additional week. If you are at ease with this timing, pre-order is the way to go. We believe this is a win-win situation, and the Bambu Lab store will remain in this pre-order mode until we have adequate stock in place in every regional warehouse. All pre-orders will be handled in the order they are received within each store, so join the queue now!Be assured we are also working to supply our regional warehouses with enough quantity so that receiving a new printer will be a matter of a few days, with no uncertainty on the customer side. This is our goal. But it won't happen within the following few weeks.

A minimal deposit to reserve yourself a place in the line
To secure your place in the delivery queue, you will need to pay a minimal reservation deposit. The deposit will consist of a NON-refundable $/€/£20 fixed payment for each printer plus the shipping fee (vary by countries/regions). Please note, in the event you decide to cancel your pre-order, only the shipping costs will be refunded. Paying a reservation fee is a way to prioritize customers convinced they want one of our printers. It means you are sending us a request to prepare the item for you; hence our factory will plan the production and distribution based on this expectation. In short, every deposit received will be considered as an actual demand, with operation and warehousing costs incurred accordingly. That's why we decided your reservation deposit is not refundable. We hope that you understand our position and reasoning behind this decision, so we kindly ask you to fully weigh your decision before committing to your purchase.

Final payment will be charged when your printer is ready to ship out from your local warehouse
The moment your device arrives at the local warehouse, we will send you an email to settle the remainder of your order balance, with shipping cost and deposit deducted. You will be given 3 days of notice, in which you can complete the transaction and effect the payment. After a 3-day collection period, your order will be shipped according to your deposit queue. If for any reason, the final payment is not completed within the 3 days’ notice, your order will be deferred until you complete the full payment. To give a rough estimate of the timeline, delivery of pre-orders will immediately begin after all Kickstarter pledges have been fulfilled. If the full payment is not received within 30-days following our first email to collect the payment, your order will be considered canceled, and your deposit fee will not be refunded.

Thank you for your time and patience to read this email. We'll see you then!

Bambu Lab