Update on the shipping

It has been one week since we started shipping, and some customers with air shipping have already received their printers. I know the feeling of anxiously waiting for a new printer and seeing others who have received theirs already posting their prints. With that in mind, we would like to update everyone on the overall shipping status.

First of all, I would like to say that the whole team is doing our best to deliver your printer as soon as possible. This is quite a journey, especially under today’s world economic conditions, to manufacture 6,000 printers from scratch and get them delivered all around the world with so many particular cases regarding logistics and regulations. We’ve already managed to get a third of the backed printers produced. Here are the current details of our output:

As of  July 24th, 2,100 units have left the factory floor, among which:

  • 1,700 units were shipped out; the printers are on their seafaring voyage already.
  • The other 400 units are somewhere in between, such as on their way to our logistic partners’ warehouses, waiting in the port to be loaded on container ships, etc.

The printers for all backers with a number below 2000 have completed production and are in the shipping process this week. You will get a tracking number as soon as the printer arrives at your local warehouses. (This can take up to 6 weeks from the production date.)

The weekly output now is around 600 units, and we are continuing to increase our production output. We should be able to finish all of the KS orders in August as long as nothing crazy happens, such as a pandemic lockdown.

Since we have customers worldwide with different certification requirements, AC voltage, and shipping routes, making the shipment strictly follow the backer numbers is very challenging. Here is some detailed information I would like to share.

Despite the first wave of 2,000 shipped printers evenly covering all customers globally, the time backers receive them may vary greatly, depending on the destination :

  1. The US version of the printer was the earliest to get certified and the most ordered, so we started producing the US version,s and did so continually until the other versions got their final certification in July. Because the route from Shenzhen to the US is a non-stop cross-pacific line, it also takes much less time compared to other routes.
  2. EU/UK/CA/AU customers may get their printers relatively late, starting in early September. There are two reasons. One is that we did not ship out the printers in advance due to the certification. The other is that container ships to EU/CA/AU take a much longer time.
  3. Customers in Asia-Pacific within the 2000 backer numbers had their printers produced last, precisely last week. However, due to the geographical advantage, they will receive their printers first.

We understand that you are all eager to receive yours. We are so proud of the trust you have placed in us that we won’t rest until every printer is safe in your hands. We promise that we will keep you informed.


Bambu Lab team