1. Does X1 support third party filaments?

Yes.  X1 is compatible to filaments with 1.75 mm diamter.  AMS supports most third party 1 KG/spool filaments on the market, which have a diameter of around 200 mm and a thickless around 70 mm. AMS does not support TPU officially though, so you need to bypass AMS and print it directly on the single spool holder on the back of the printer.

2. Can I print offline without internet?

Yes, you could always print offline with the old school SD card.

3. How many auto bed leveling points does X1 have?  5*5 or 7*7?

For a whole bed leveling, the number is 2,000,000+6*6. The Lidar scans around 2 million points and the force sensors probe 6*6 points.

4. Why doesn't X1 series use linear rail

The advantage of linear rail is in its accuracy and rigidity. For X axis which moves on the Y direction, linear rail comes with a cost of weight, which have negative impact on system acceleration and vibration. We carefully designed our X axis around a pair of high precision carbon fiber rods, so the system is as accurate and rigid as linear rail, but with a significantly reduced weight.

5. How can I get 16 colors printed?

You can connect up to 4 AMS to a single printer with an accessory called AMS hub, so it is up to 4*4=16 colors or materials.

6. Does X1 support 3rd party slicing software besides using Bambu Studio?

Yes, Bambu Studio can accept and print the G-code file sliced by 3rd party softwares